Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Time To Celebrate!

I don't know why, but it's Celebration Time for Rekha. Well it was, by the looks of this image.

Govinda's Dream Woman

Looks like Govinda's got a dream.. a very beautiful one. During the 10 most beautiful faces in Showbiz' 91, Govinda declared Rekha as his dream woman... good choice Govinda!
I don't know which ranking she had but she should be No.1 BUT as magazine people thought Madhuri Dixit and Sridevi were more beautiful... I am guessing she was third.

Rekha- A rare Smile

As many of her fans know, Rekha had fantastic lips, ideal for pouting and looking incredibly sexy as you can see below:


Or she did this:

She knew she looked best like that, but when she smiled, she may not look as sexy, but she looks beautiful. She didn'y do many photoshoots revealing her gorgeous smile. What do you all think ? Beautiful ?

Vintage photos from Magazine Sheet



Rekha- A new look

Rekha's thoughts marriage ? Hmm.. I'd love to read the article.. anyways, the eternal diva looks a little different, but still smoking hot.


More Magazines.

Well, I decided the last post on Various Magazines was too long as it is, so I started a new post.



Rekha on Tipsy Queries

 What is your favorite pastime? - Rekha's Rare Tipsy Queries

Sorry... didn't reaalise the top was
cut off, will look for another one

These make me laugh, they really do!!